As capitalism dominates all life and turns the planet into a giant slum, the question of how mankind struggles against this condition is posed. That is, it poses the question of communism.

However, the problem with existing communist publications is that they are hopelessly esoteric. They either devolve into the archaic language of Marxist sects, or read like the doctoral dissertation of self-loathing graduate students. Furthermore, they tend to be inward looking – self-consumed with the problems of their tiny political scene as opposed to the problems of the world.  Finally, communist publications usually treat a narrow and antiquated set of topics inherited from past epochs, while we think the scope of communist theory is vast- that is, it covers all aspects of everyday life. We believe that insightful political and cultural commentary can be achieved with clear and streamlined prose. We also believe that clarity does not have to be boring and stale.

Species-Being is a magazine dedicated to solve some of these issues. Species-Being is an outlet for clear, funny, and relevant communist polemic. We believe economics, culture, and politics form an interrelated whole and therefore they are all relevant to communist theory.

Submission Guidelines:

-Maximum word count: 4000 words.

-The article is relevant to the question of communism – that is, it’s resolutely against the State and Capital.

-The article uses clear prose. We don’t want more than the necessary jargon. Nor do we want overrun sentences laden with critical theory undergraduate baggage.

-We don’t care about commentary about specific activist or far-left grouplets. Comments about left wing institutions that still form a major pillar of this society, like unions, social democracy, or some official ‘Communist’ Parties, are fine.

-Non-dogmatic commentary about relevant issues is encouraged.

– For our first issue, we are looking for contributions on ‘the present state of things’

-Self-awareness and humor is valued, as opposed to grandiose sloganeering.

Contact address: moonbat(dot)internationale(at)gmail(dot com)